February 1, 2010

January Igloo

The December and January rains made ideal conditions for snow fort blocks.
I remember doing this with all by brothers when I was a kid.
With five boys and a couple of cousins helping we could make pretty extravagant forts.

These kids really got a work-out making this little "igloo" as they insisted on calling it.
Charli helped get it this far and went inside because it was getting cold.

But Peyton and Lily wanted to keep working on because they liked it so much.
Better hurry. The sun is setting.

While they were placing this block they pushed against each other too much and almost the whole wall tumbled down!
I had to pocket the camera for a while to assist reconstruction.

After the demolition, reconstruction and getting it back to this stage it was time to go inside.
I'm sure they will spend a lot more time by the igloo for the rest of the winter.
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  1. What a couple of bust beavers!! Looks like a good spot for them to hang out in. I caught a glimpse of the sun setting, so you do get to see it a little while there in the woods.