October 12, 2009

Lily's Carrot Crop

Lily brought the carrot seeds here from school last spring. We planted them by the house but I didn't think the dirt was very good so I never expected much.

According to the look on her face, this is a good one.

The smaller they got, the more she liked them.

After showing off her bounty for us all, she cleaned them and shared with Charli and me. She also saved some for Peyton.
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October 10, 2009

Robo Dance

It was cold out and Lily had warmer cloths on but she wanted to wear this dress and stay inside.

Charli was helping by opperating the robot and makeing him dance.

She was getting the dance down.

It's not Peyton but what else could she do on a cold day without him?
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October 6, 2009

Marked With a Cross Forever!

When we were at church this morning Peyton found this sticker cross in a kid's bag and wanted it stuck where he thought it should be.

He kept checking to make sure it was still there. This pic was taken around noon.

Lily was with Dad and he was waiting for her to come see what he had on his head. This was taken around two and it was still there. He said "Pastor Pete said it is there forever!"

This was Gummy Vitamin time. He kept that cross on till 6pm when his Dad gave him a bath.
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October 3, 2009

Hi Lily

Lily was at Chad's place and Peyton was with me. We made video for Lily and in case you can't understand what Peyton said; "Good morning Lily. How are you doing? Are things going good? I just want you to remember Lily's birthday? And my birthday too. Bye! Ya.